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Ensuring Enjoyable Experiences

Uptown Music Theatre aims to expose children and adults to meaningful stories through an entertaining medium. Didactic in nature, our musicals teach young people about finding common ground and achieving peaceful resolutions. The story lines draw inspiration from folklore, history, literature, and the distinctive landmarks and cultural traditions of New Orleans. Using the ancient art of storytelling, we create shows that address modern concerns and give voices to all community members.

We believe the dramatic arts have the power to change the hearts and minds of young people and empower them make proper decisions in all aspects of life. Our programs are not only about learning “how,” but also about cultivating wholeness in young people by helping them to tap into their own artistic passions and gifts. Our students learn discipline, teamwork, individual responsibility and respect for all people at all times.

UMT seeks to assist in strengthening the New Orleans community through positive example and reinforcement. We invite young people and adults to see the world from more than one perspective; to engage with an increasingly intermingled world in an effortless way; to always act with love, compassion and a sense of righteousness. By sharing our stories through theatre, dance, and music, we encourage our students to help shaping the landscape of the New Orleans community and beyond.